Workflow Validators

Fields Required (*)

Validates that fields (one or more) are not left empty during the transition. Fields will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the transition screen.


User In Field Must Be Active

Validate if user in user picker field (built-in or custom fields) is active


Previous Status Validator

Validates that the issue has been through a specific status sometime before the transition.


Regular Expression Validator

Validate field value against a regular expression during a workflow transition.


Add Notes

How many times do you create the validators and after some time you did not remember why you configured it that way?.

From now you can add notes to the conditions in which you can write an additional comment for yourself or for your team explaining the configuration.

Notes in the validators don't block transition


Mathematical Validator

Check if the mathematical expression is true (result must be true or 1) 


User Property Validator

Checks the value of a user property


Run Validator Template

Run and reuse predefined templates with one or more functions


Date Compare

The 'Date Compare' check compares:

  • the values of two date fields on the issue (for example, one field must be greater than the other). If the check fails, no action will be performed

  • the value of a date field with a date expression (for example, date field must be more recent than actual date). If the check fails, no action will be performed.



Available since v. 1.24.*

  • Add Notes

Available since v. 1.26.*

  • Fields Required

  • User In Field Must Be Active

  • Previous Status Validator

  • Regular Expression Validator

Available since v. 1.28.*

  • Mathematical Validator

Available since v. 1.37.*

  • User Property Validator

Available since v. 1.38.*

  • Fields Required  - fields now will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the transition screen

Available since v. 1.41.*

  • Run Validator Template

Available since v. 1.49.*

  • Date Compare