Workflow Extensions


Workflow Text - refreshed view of transitions

From version 2.5.0 Workflow Text has a refreshed view of transitions, keeping the favorite by many people quick preview of transitions / screens. In new view, when you hover over a transition, you'll see a quick hint about the number of items in the transition.

From version 2.8.0 we added the ability to quickly search for a transition

Temporarily disable/enable Workflow Function

From version 2.4.0 you can temporarily disable/enable any function in the workflow - this function is very helpful to investigate any issues in workflow logic


Export Workflow Function as file (EJSON/JPG/PNG)

From version 2.0.0 you can export a workflow function to a file from the transition view, from the clipboard view and from your function library. Additionally, you can save the function as an image from the clipboard and library view.

  • Transition view - on transition view, hover over the function and press the icon

  • Clipboard view - go to Clipboard → Export

  • Library view - go to Library → Export



File *.ejson



File *.ejson







Import Workflow Function from file (EJSON)

From version 2.0.0 all exported functions can be imported from file in the transition view. To do this, click Import and select where you want to import the function


Save Workflow Diagram/Steps as image (PNG/JPG)

From version 2.0.0 you can save the Workflow Diagram or its steps as an image. (you can choose from two formats, JPG or PNG). This can be done in the workflow preview / editing view, but also on Workflow Extensions | Quick Workflow Diagram preview


Copy & Paste Workflow Functions - Clipboard

From version 1.32.* you can copy Conditions (one condition or grouped conditions), Validators, Post functions to the clipboard and paste them into any workflow to any place.

This functionality can be compared to copying and pasting from your operating system.

A few extra informations ...

  • each administrator has his own clipboard, exactly 3 different clipboards, separate for Conditions, Validators, Post functions

  • you can always see what you have in the clipboard by clicking

  • copied functions will still be in the clipboard even after restarting aplication


Icons images depend on the JIRA version








Copy functions to the clipboard



Paste below functions from the clipboard


Pasting between different environments / instances


  • installed plugin ‘Extender for Jira’ - version >= 1.49.*

  • application served over secured domains (https) or localhost

  • supported browser: Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera

  • require explicit user permission for pasting operation in browser for each Jira


How it’s works:

With every copy, the plugin saves functions into system clipboard and application clipboard. Every time when you try paste functions, the plugin first checks the system clipboard, if it does not find the correct string in it, then check the application clipboard. The same behavior regarding checking the clipboards also applies to the clipboard preview.


Personal Library

Since version 1.62.* You can store functions in your private library accessible from any workflow. You can have up to 50 different functions in the library (separate for Conditions, Validators, Post functions), which will certainly make your work easier and faster. Now you will never have to search multiple workflows for the appropriate function ... just add it to the library and quickly add it to the workflow






Add functions to the library


Open library



Drag & Drop Workflow Functions

Since version 1.28.* you can sort conditions, validators and post functions with drag & drop

(click and hold 

 drag and drop into new position)


Clone Workflow Functions

How much time did you have to clicking/configuring more complicated functions that perform the same action as the previous one with a small difference?

From version 1.31. * you can clone any workflow functions (conditions, validators and post functions). The cloned function will appear behind the original function with the same configuration

Icons images depend on the JIRA version






Clone functions


Search & Filter Workflow Functions

Since v. 1.28.* it is now possible to filter for conditions, validators and post functions. The items can be dynamically filtered by name, description or id.


Workflow Plugin Information

Since v. 2.0.0 on the screen for adding functions to workflow you will find out which plugin added a specific function (you will see a new App column)


Favorite Workflow Functions

Since v. 1.30.* each administrator can add workflow functions to favorites. The list of favorite functions is individual for each user, and the added features will be displayed first from the top.


Choose Workflow Function with one click

Since v. 1.34.* each administrator can add any function with one click. You will no longer have to choose function and confirm with an additional button, do it with one click!

Hint of the origin of the function

Since v. 1.70.* on the screen for adding any condition, validator or post function you will see a hint which plugin the given function comes from


Rename any Workflow - even active

Since v. 1.37.* you can rename any Workflow in Jira, even ACTIVE, yes, ACTIVE 

Some additional information about renaming:

  • Draft for active workflow will be discarded

  • Rename active workflow generate copy for workflow



Quick Workflow Diagram preview

On Workflow page list you can use magnifier to quick preview Workflow diagram 


Quick Transition / Status preview

Quick preview of transition conditions, validators, post functions and screen added to the Workflow view (Diagram and Text view)









Sort columns on administrative pages

On almost all administrative pages you can sort any columns in the configuration tables




Available since v. 1.28.*

  • Drag & Drop Workflow Functions

  • Search & Filter Workflow Functions

Available since v. 1.30.*

  • Favorite Workflow Functions

Available since v. 1.31.*

  • Clone Workflow Functions

Available since v. 1.32.*

  • Copy & Paste Workflow Functions - Clipboard

Available since v. 1.34.*

  • Choose Workflow Function with one click

Available since v. 1.37.*

  • Rename any Workflow - even active

Available since v. 1.44.*

  • Quick Workflow Diagram preview

  • Sort columns on administrative pages

Available since v. 1.47.*

  • Quick Transition Functions preview

Available since v. 1.49.*

  • Pasting between environments / instances

Available since v. 2.0.0

  • Export Workflow Function as file (EJSON/JPG/PNG)

  • Import Workflow Function from file (EJSON)

  • Save Workflow Diagram/Steps as image (PNG/JPG)

Working With Workflows - Atlassian Documentation

For information on how to configure a check for a workflow transition in JIRA, see the JIRA documentation.