Workflow/Transition Documentation

Available since v. 1.48.*


Share documentation with project administrators is available since v. 1.49.*

Change documentation view is available since 1.53.*

Export documentation as file (PDF/JPG/PNG) is available since 2.0.0

Workflow Transition on Diagram/Text Workflow view is available since 2.10.0

How many times do you need to check all workflow transitions and see how it works and what functions are used?. Workflow documentation gives you ability to generate full workflow documentation with all informations like diagram, statuses, transitions, all functions (Conditions, Validators, Post Functions), screens, properties (for statuses and transitions), etc.

… and you can do it with one click in your Jira


Where you can generate Workflow documentation

On Workflows page

1) Click small doc icon in Actions column to generate documentation do Workflow (for Active will be generated live version)


2) Click Generate documentation and choose for which workflow you want to generate documentation (contains drafts)

On Workflow Text page

Click Documentation on Workflow Text page (documentation will be generated for the current workflow you are viewing (live or draft)


Where you can generate Transition documentation

On Workflow Text or Diagram page

Click Documentation icon on Workflow Text or Diagram page (documentation will be generated for the selected workflow transition)


Open new browser tab and paste url


{JIRA_URL} - your Jira url address

{WORKFLOW_NAME} - Worfkflow name

{WORKFLOW_MODE} - Workflow mode, “draft” or “live”


Change documentation view

So far you could change the documentation view by adding parameters to the url like

&collapse={COLLAPSE_ITEMS} to hide some elements where {COLLAPSE_ITEMS} - tocSubMenu, transitionDetails or screenDetails

Since version 1.53. * you can do it via the ‘view management panel’ (just click the icon in the top right corner). Additionally, you can save a new view as default for any documentation.


But … also since version 1.53.* there is a new parameter called transition (transition id or name) that allows you to see only the documentation for that particular transition, example:

  • {JIRA_URL}/secure/ExtenderWorkflowDocumentation.jspa?workflowName=test&transition=1

  • {JIRA_URL}/secure/ExtenderWorkflowDocumentation.jspa?workflowName=test&transition=Create


Share documentation with project administrators

When option Share Workflow documentation in Extensions Configuration


is enabled, all users who has administer rights for project, can view all active workflow documentations for all issue types in this specific project.


Export documentation as file (PDF/JPG/PNG)

You have several options to export the documentation, of one PDF file (Print as PDF file) or as many files (each important data is exported separately, e.g. transition, diagram, etc.)

Example - one PDF File:

Example - several PDF Files

Example - several JPG Files