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Checks the issue has been through a specific status sometime before the transition.



Current User Condition

Checks whether the current user is the specified user





Available since v. 1.23.*

  • User Is 'In Any/Not In' Project Roles

  • User Is 'In Any/Not In' Groups

  • User Is 'In Any/Not In' Custom Fields

  • Issue Is 'In Any/Not In' Statuses

  • Issue Is 'In Any/Not In' Status Categories

Available since v. 1.24.*

  • Hide Transition From Issue View

  • Add Notes

Available since v. 1.26.*

  • Issue Is In Any/Not In Issue Types¬†

  • Mathematical Condition

Available since v. 1.37.*

  • User Property Condition

Available since v. 1.41.*

  • Run Condition Template

Available since v. 2.2.0*

  • Previous Status

Available since v. 2.7.*

  • Current User Condition